• Teatonic - Beauty - Tea for a radiant skin

Your delicious daily ritual for a radiant skin

  • Helps moisturize, strengthen and revive skin's radiance
  • Regenerates cells and purifies the skin
  • Rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants for a soft and flawless skin

leave 100% Natural
Free of preservatives
& aroma additives
leave 100% Organic  pyramid Biodegradable
pyramid teabags

Your goals

Skin care

Skin care

Strengthening and clearing up
your skin's texture


Purifying your body in
a natural way


Rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants
to encourage a sense of wellbeing


Our Beauty tea keeps your skin looking younger. The elegant fusion of organic white tea with chamomile and burdock root help you purify your skin, thereby making the skin strong and preventing wrinkles.

Our Beauty tea has been formulated for men and women who want to restore radiance to their complexion.

A subtle blend for a soft and flawless skin!


White tea

White tea

Due to the high phenol content, it strengthens the proteins elastin and collagen in the connective tissues, thereby making the skin strong and preventing wrinkles


Nourishes and moisturizes your skin from deep within: it lightens your skin and gives you that glow you've always wanted
Burdock Root

Burdock root

Purifies your blood and promotes blood circulation to the skin surface for a complete skin detox

All ingredients: White tea*, ginger*, lemongrass*, nettle leaves*, chamomile*, burdock root*, basil*, horsetail herb*, mango pieces*, rose petals*, marigold flowers*
*Organic agriculture

All the ingredients in our Beauty tea are 100% natural. No use of flavorings or preservatives.

What you get

  • Teatonic - 20 pyramid teabags20 individual pyramid teabags of loose leaf tea. Net weight 50g

Our products are supplied in pyramid teabags as teabags are easier to handle (1 teabag twice a day) compared to loose tea. 

In addition, the pyramidal shape of our teabags provides more space to the whole tea leaves to allow an optimal infusion and release of flavors.

As we care for the planet, our pyramid teabags are made of fully biodegradable silk.

Also, our pyramid teabags are filled in high barrier pouches with zip for longer preservation.