Detox: our tips for getting started

February 5, 2024 by
Dominic Flament

The body sometimes needs a helping hand to purify itself. Teatonic gives you some tips to carry out your detox treatment while enjoying a healthy and tasteful diet and save yourself from tears and disappointment.

Detox is practiced by an increasing number of people looking for a natural purification of their body. Most of the time, cures are started after the holidays or before the arrival of a new season to prepare his body for a change of diet, or simply to get his body back on track.

The principle of a detox cure is not primarily to lose weight, but rather to purify his body in a natural way, offering him a break. The benefits are numerous: Slimming (yes, of course), purification, energy boost and health. 

How are toxins accumulated?

The body has five organs that can eliminate toxins. They are called "emunctories" because they are the "exit doors" from the body. Their role is to filter the blood, retain the toxins and then eliminate them diluted in a support. The liver rejects waste in the bile, intestines in the stool, kidneys through the urine, the skin by sweat and the respiratory tracts via exhaled air.

The five emunctories constantly evacuate toxins from the body. Often, however, they work below their capacity because they are overworked by our busy lifestyle: binge eating, stress ... The body then accumulates toxins, which, in the long run, disrupt its functioning and generate fatigue, sleeping troubles, digestive disorders, a dull complexion, migraines, weakened hair, depression, anxiety, lower resistance to infections...

How does it work?

Fortunately, there are many natural ways to stimulate emunctories to return to their normal work pace, and even a faster pace, allowing them to catch up on disposal delays. Detox treatments are designed to purify the body while dramatically increasing energy levels. Detox keeps you healthy, full of vitality, all year long.

Detox: getting started

Above all, do yourself a favor: ENJOY! Detox is a way of life allowing you to retrieve balance and vitality. The detox lifestyle includes exercising, living a balanced life as well as eating healthy and harmoniously. Its aim is to help you to finally live up to your full potential: a healthyjoyful and vitalising lifestyle!

Drink, drink, drink... and go plant-based

The best way to detoxify your body is to drink plenty of water. You should drink at least 1.5 liters of water a day. Teas and herbal teas also offer pleasant and healthy alternatives to water. Our Teatonic teas have been developed by nutritionists for optimal effectiveness of your detox cure and are 100% natural and organic. 

Our large range allows you to focus on one or more virtues of your choice:

    • Purify your body and slimming goal -> Skinny Teatox cure
    • Reduce bloating -> Digestion infusion
    • Revive the complexion of the skin -> Beauty tea
    • Reduce stress -> Relax herbal tea

Eliminate some ingredrients

Refined sugars, saturated fats (red meat, cheese, delicatessen…), tobacco, alcohol, coffee, preservatives, prepared foods and industrial products are banned from your diet for the duration of the treatment.

Focus on natural ingredients

Try eating three servings of fresh vegetables a day as their fibers and vitamins are excellent in a healthy diet. Also eat two servings of fruit each day. Opt for organic and seasonal fruit and vegetables, with no added sugars that would spoil your efforts. Finally, oilseeds offer an infinite and often unexplored source of benefits: Almonds and dried fruits are excellent as a snack when you’re a bit hungry.

Review your lifestyle

Go after activities that will make you sweat: sauna, steam room, or even better, physical exercise will drain toxins from your body. Finally, in order to allow your body to eliminate toxins, give it some well-deserved rest.

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