Nutrition is key to success

Regardless if you’re using Teatonic teatox or not, you should take care of eating a healthy diet with natural and nutritional ingredients. This means eating a wide variety of foods in the right proportions and consuming the right amount of food to achieve and maintain a healthy body weight. Also, drinking a sufficient quantity of healthy beverages (water & tea) will help you losing weight and adopting a healthy lifestyle. Avoid soda (even diet or zero sugar) and alcohol. It is of utmost importance to listen to your body and to provide what’s good for it. Mixing Teatonic with junk food will definitely not help you achieving your weight loss objectives.

Food & Sport … a winning combination
In addition to eating well, we strongly recommend you to regularly exercise. Exercise is good for both the body and the mind, and it will help you achieve your weight loss goals.


The ingredients in our teas have been used for centuries for health and wellbeing purposes. They have been carefully selected and blended by practitioners that specialise in health and weight loss. Teatonic teatox products offer a natural break to your body and help increasing your metabolism. By easing your organs to get rid of their toxins and by increasing your metabolism, our teatox products will purify your body and restore your natural balance to help you achieve your weight loss objectives in a healthy, efficient and sustainable way.

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Our Teatonic teas do not contain any ingredient that would be subject to medicinal classification. Compared to most of our competitors' detox teas, our teas do not contain ingredients such as senna leaves, which are known for their aggressive laxative effects. Laxative products have proven to be unsustainable on the long term as they are harmful to the natural balance of your body. Accordingly, our teas are considered foods and can be safely savored.

The effectiveness of detox tea is no longer to prove! Herbs, leaves, flowers and fruits are full of plant-based goodness that can trigger extraordinary effects within the human body while free of medicines. Compared to most pharmaceutical products that affect your body’s natural balance and often result in a spectacular but unsustainable weight loss, our plant-based detox teas are less aggressive and respect your body’s harmony, which will eventually result in a more healthy, efficient and sustainable weight loss. By helping your body getting rid of its toxins and by boosting your body to meet its basic functions again, our Teatonic teatox products will help you adopt a healthy lifestyle.

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Yes, our teas and other  products are all made from 100% natural and certified organic ingredients. Our control number is: DE-ÖKO-003 (Teatonic teas) and DE-ÖKO-039 (Teatonic matcha). The EU organic seal, displayed as a leaf on green background, is labelled on our packs.

We’re afraid we can’t comment on this conclusively. We differ from most of our competitors on the grounds that Teatonic teas are not medicinal teas. Our teas do not contain ingredients such as senna leaves, which are known for their laxative effects and which could therefore reduce or annihilate the efficiency of the contraceptive pill. Our blends have been developed by nutritionists and practitioners that specialise in health and weight loss. They try to make sure our teas can be consumed by everyone.

As the ingredients can trigger different reactions from different persons, side effects on the effectiveness of your contraceptive pill can never be completely eliminated and it is therefore advised to listen to your body. If you have an adverse reaction (diarrhea, vomiting etc.) within four hours after taking the pill, we recommend you to consult your general practitioner.

The same applies to the consumption of our tea during pregnancy and breast-feeding.


Teatonic teatox should not have any adverse side effects. However, as different people may react differently to different ingredients, we invite you to familiarise yourself with the ingredient list prior to taking the product.

Plants and flowers, although beneficial to the body, can cause mild discomfort in the beginning. We recommend you to listen to your body as the laxative effect is more or less strong depending on the person. 

As stated, we differ from our most of our competitors on the grounds that Teatonic teas are not medicinal teas. Our teas do not contain ingredients such as senna leaves, which are known for their aggressive laxative effects. Our blends have been developed by nutritionists and practitioners that specialise in health and weight loss. They try to make sure our teas can be consumed by everyone.

Yes, absolutely!! As we care for the planet, all our tea payramids are made of fully biodegradable materials.

We encourage you to store your tea in a dry place away from light and heat. Fortunately, tea products have a long shelf life: the expiry date can be found on the packaging of your teas.  


Our Teatonic Matcha green tea powder has a premium ceremonial quality. Ceremonial matcha is a traditional matcha used in tea ceremonies in Japan.

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As a healthy alternative to coffee, we recommend drinking a cup of matcha in the morning or early in the afternoon.  The high caffeine content in Matcha can keep you awake for up to 6 hours.  


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