How to prepare the perfect Matcha

February 5, 2024 by
Dominic Flament

The preparation of perfect matcha tea is very different from steeping an ordinary cup of tea. Preparation of matcha is a form of art, so take your matcha whisking to the next level by following the ancestral ritual!

Step 1: Have the right equipment

You don’t need all the fancy tools used for tea ceremony, but you do need a chasen (matcha whisk) and a bowl (not a mug or teacup). The sound of a bamboo whisk is part of the pleasure of preparing matcha and there’s no alternative for preparing a smooth cup of matcha with fine foam on top. We advise you to go for a hand-crafted whisk with natural bristles, like our Teatonic Matcha available on this site.

Also, you don’t have to invest in a ceramic bowl, but you do need a bowl that allows sufficient room for whisking. If you drink matcha often, treat yourself to a ceremonial ceramic bowl.

Step 2: Warm the bowl

Pour hot water into the bowl and dip the bristles of the whisk into the water. When the bowl is warm enough, tip out the water and dry the bowl with a clean towel.

Step 3: Scoop (and sift) the tea in your bowl

Scoop 2 bamboo spoons or ½ teaspoon of matcha into your matcha bowl – preferably forced through a fine sieve. You don’t have to sift the tea, but do you really like green lumps sticking to your teeth? Also, sifting your tea will ensure your tea will be smooth.You can sift into the bowl each time, or alternatively sift all your matcha into its tin.

Step 4: Boil some water and pour into you bowl

Matcha will dissolve best in hot water. Carefully pour 80ml of hot water into the bowl with the matcha powder. It is important to let the water cool down to 80 °C as your matcha doesn’t like it too hot. If the water temperature is higher than 80 °C, the tea might taste bitter. Also, the hardness of the water may be decisive for the quality of your tea. Therefore, we advise you to filter tap water prior to use.

Step 5: Whisk vigorously

Using your chasen, whisk the matcha tea back and forth in a "M" or "W"-shaped motion. The motion should come from your wrist, but don’t be afraid to really go for it until the tea is thoroughly mixed with the water and getting frothy with a fine foam on the top. Admire your fine work, and enjoy your matcha right away.

TIP:  Matcha can also be enjoyed as latte. Just pour the matcha in warm, frothy milk. We personally recommend using oat, almond or coconut milk.

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