Boost your day with Teatonic Matcha green tea powder

Excellent fat burning attributes
Full of valuable antioxidants and nutrients
Premium ceremonial grade with a superior delicate and refined taste

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28 day slimming detox tea cure 

Includes a morning tea and a bedtime infusion in individual teabags
Blended by practitioners that specialise in health and weight loss
Source of vitamins
28 day cure for optimal results - 14 day cure also available for trial


Weight loss

Boosting your metabolism for
sustainable weight loss


Purifying your body in
a natural way


More energy to enhance mental and
physical fitness


Matcha is a superhero tea: it is the most exquisite and purest form of tea in the world.

Matcha comes all the way from Japan and is made solely of the rare and high-class Tencha tea leaves which are ground in the traditional way to a fine powder that has a lovely emerald colour. Very delicate and refined, our top quality matcha combines a velvety texture with a smooth fragrance.

The Japanese Matcha green tea is a real superfood: no other natural food contains as much antioxidants as Matcha. Matcha also contains two more great nutrients: caffeine and L-theanine.

Thanks to the presence of those nutrients, vitamins and minerals, Matcha tea has an enjoyably stimulating effect whilst ensuring relaxation. The effect is calm energy and concentration that last way longer that those induced by coffee.

No matter if you mix it with hot water or stir it into your smoothie or your favorite latte, our Teatonic Matcha will provide you the energy boost to start your day. Enjoy the Teatonic Matcha.

Want to know more about Matcha? Visit our blog here.



Full of valuable antioxidants and nutrients to boost your energy level and help achieve your weight loss objectives

All ingredients100% Japanese organic Matcha green tea powder*
*Organic agriculture


Each tin of Teatonic Matcha provides 30 servings of ceremonial grade organic Japanese Matcha green tea powder.

Net weight 30g


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